It may surprise you somewhat but when I was little, I was often known as the petite one who had zero interest in food. Until… at one dinner party I sneaked across to “the adults’ table” and tried their food – at that moment onwards I decided that would be where I get my second and third servings of food for every dinner party going forward.  Excited to see their child finally eating, my foodie family has since then groomed my passion and trained up my palette by exposing me to all kinds of food. It is a true blessing to have grown up in a family where food is the love language!

Food is undeniably a large part of a country’s culture. With that in mind, I always aim to try out good local food in every place I travel to. After I moved back to Hong Kong, I like to keep my meals interesting by hunting for good new restaurants with friends. I love to cook and bake too, although my hectic work schedule has restricted cooking to a monthly activity. Spending full days in the kitchen of Le Cordon Bleu Paris was (sadly) a one-off luxury, but that was one of my most memorable holidays.

Friends often come to me with questions like “where is the hottest restaurant in town?” or “where should I go for food when I visit this city?”. Slowly the questions have expanded to “where should I take my girlfriend after dinner?”, “spa recommendations?” or “what present should I get him for our anniversary?”. To my friends who have asked these questions in the past, you are the reason I started this blog. Vivid Taste aspires to bring pleasure and inspire new ideas with snapshots of enjoyable moments. 

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From the petite one whose eyes light up when she talks about food,






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